Teaching and working with young artists has always been an integral part the Giusti Ceramic Studio. They offer courses at all levels,  from beginners to experienced potters ready to specialize in advanced aspects of this antique art in a place that has always been dedicated  to handing down the practical knowledge necessary to become a potter and that you can only learn in one place: the workshop.

The variety of techniques and materials used professionally in our studio allow students to explore a wide range of of techniques: maiolica, raku, earthenware, porcelain, coiling, slab, throwing on a wheel, bas reliefs, sculpture and  extruder use are just some of the possibilities that the workshop offers in wonderful open spaces that encourage  students to experiment and master new techniques using the workshop tools and  professional kilns.

Logo Maestro + bottegaSandra and Stefano Giusti are both qualified Master Artisans and the studio provides formative credits because it is recognized by the Region of Tuscany (LReg 53)

corso baseBASIC COURSE Levels One and Two.

These courses are designed for students who want to try all of the principle technics for working with clay: coil, slab, bas relief will be included as well as the first decorating experiences.
8 two hour lessons.


is designed for those who want to learn this ancient technique  that was developed to create utensils for the Tea ceremony, an integral part of the Zen philosophy.
Two days from 10 am to 5 pm.


Slip decorating, decorating with clear glaze
and traditional mailoica.

6 lessons.


this course is designed to produce jewellery with this wonderful material as students explore all of its characteristics.

4 lessons.


This course experiments with firing without a kiln using simple methods and just a few tools.

4 lessons.


This course is aimed at those students who are interested in sculpting with terra cotta from Impruneta.

6 lessons.

tornioTHE WHEEL.

Discover one of the oldest methods of making pottery.
The wheel.

8 lessons.


How pieces were made during the height
of the Terracotta tradition.

6 lessons.


Understanding the characteristics of high temperature clays including glazing.

6 lessons.

It is possible to have us come to your home.

It is possible to design apprenticeships for individuals, scholastic experiences and extra-curricular activities.

Once capable of working independently in the studio you can use our space that has wheels, extruders, pugmills, slab rollers and kilns in total or partial autonomy so that those who do not have the space or necessary equipment have an opportunity to practice this art.

Interaction and experiences with International artists.

It is possible to design a post graduate specialization course or a Masters.

Some intensive courses will be held at S. Maria a Ferrano-Pelago.